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Unite Virtual and Physical

While virtualisation can boost utilisation and save hardware costs, it poses new backup challenges. For example, the sprawl of virtual machines makes it hard to keep track of virtual backups, and backing up multiple virtual machines can tax the resources of the underlying hardware. Organisations tend to to use different backup tools further complicating backup and recovery. Hence, the right solution is necessary to simplify virtual and physical backup for organisations today.


  • Managing increased costs of maintaining virtual and physical resources
  • Backing up virtual servers with solutions not designed for virtualization, which can overload servers and require twice as much storage as the amount of data being backed up
  • Avoiding loss of network and storage resources with large amounts of duplicate data across virtual machines
  • Restoring individual files

The Symantec Approach:

  • Manage virtual and physical backups using a single solution: Centrally schedule and monitor backup jobs and recovery processes from a single management console
  • Gain deeper visibility into VMware and Hyper-V machines with patented Symantec V-Ray technology that:
    • Delivers up to 98 per cent deduplication rates
    • Speeds up file or object recovery without the need to copy or mount entire virtual machines
    • Reduces storage for VMware and Hyper-V backup to up to 95 per cent
    • Achieves 10 times faster virtual machine backups
    • Recovers easily and saves time with four types of recovery from a single backup pass – single file, full virtual machine, full application, or objects within an application

Triumph Over Data Growth

The success of any business is dependent on the availability and accessibility of information. Unfortunately, today’s data explosion, virtualisation and more stringent service-level agreements (SLAs) have made backup challenging. As a result, organisations have turned to acquiring individual backup solutions to meet increasing demands, making backup fragmented, creating more complexity and costs. To meet backup windows, organisations must reinvent traditional backup – improving the recoverability and accessibility of data.


  • Escalating volumes of emails, media and applications, and duplicate data are driving up storage costs and slowing recovery
  • Unstructured data complicates the process of meeting backup SLAs 
  • Increased cost and risk of managing disparate, manual snapshot and replication processes with no granular recovery
  • Virtual backups are becoming time-consuming and complex to manage

The Symantec Approach:

  • Break the backup window: Improve your backup performance by accelerating backups by up to 100 times¹ with NetBackup Accelerator
  • Control duplicate data: Deduplicate data everywhere – in the backups and the archives
  • Simplify recovery: Accelerate snapshot replication management and recovery to meet SLAs and decrease operating expenses
  • Fight infinite retention: Reduce data volumes by identifying the data to archive and delete unwanted files confidently with NetBackup Search

¹Based on comparison testing with previous versions of Symantec NetBackup

Victory Over Complexity

As IT environments get more complicated, companies deploy different solutions to address different backup challenges. However, fragmented backup solutions are cumbersome to manage, as it slows down the rate of backup and recovery. A simpler, unified approach that incorporates end-to-end deduplication, simplifies disaster recovery and achieves true granular file recovery across physical and virtual environments can help organisations triumph over backup complexity.


  • Explosive growth of data makes protecting organisations’ information more difficult
  • Traditional multiple point products complicate backup and recovery of both virtual and physical environments while driving up IT costs

The Symantec Approach:

  • Simplify disaster recovery: Minimise downtime with bare-metal and hardware-independent disaster recovery and convert backups to virtual machines for instant recovery
  • Recover efficiently: Restore entire virtual machines, single application, file or database with a single-pass virtual or physical backup
  • Reduce backup complexity: Reduce management burdens with simplified user interface, policies and licensing

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