Server Security Assessment

How protected is your data centre?

With 94 percent of stolen data coming from servers, you can’t afford to take any chances. Find out how secure your data centre is with this five minute assessment.

Q1: There are a total of 7 questions.

What security solutions are you using on your servers?

Q2: There are a total of 7 questions.

What percentage of your servers are virtual?

Q3: There are a total of 7 questions.

Are you meeting VMware hardening guideline requirements?

Q4: There are a total of 7 questions.

When securing servers, how concerned are you with the following? (1 being least concerned and 5 being the most)

Meeting and maintaining PCI compliance low high
Stopping zero-day and targeted attacks low high
Shielding embedded devices from attacks low high
Protecting legacy operating systems low high
Protecting my virtualised environment low high

Q5: There are a total of 7 questions.

How confident are you of stopping zero-day and targeted attacks on servers?

Q6: There are a total of 7 questions.

How many servers are you administering in total? (numerical digits only)

Q7: There are a total of 7 questions.

Please rate these servers in terms of how much you think they are exposing your organisation to attacks. (1 being least at risk and 5 being the most risk)

Web low high
File low high
Domain Controllers low high
Email Servers low high
Virtual Servers low high
Database Servers low high
Application Servers low high

Protect your evolving data centre

Ensuring maximum server security

Thank you for your responses. We understand your need for reliable and secure server environments to ensure business productivity and uptime. Based on your answers, we recommend Symantec Critical System Protection to meet your requirements.

No-compromise virtual and physical security

Critical System Protection offers leading safeguards for both virtual and physical servers. The solution can protect a wide range of deployments—from individual data centres to mixed cloud environments. With monitoring and granular, policy-based controls, your business will be able to protect heterogeneous server environments and the confidential information that resides within.