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Many organisations hesitate when it comes to virtualising their business critical applications. Symantec addresses your concerns around virtualisation security, high availability and recovery. Learn how to create an always-on, always-ready infrastructure with our solutions.

Learn how to augment native virtualisation tools with Symantec clustering solutions

What’s stopping you from achieving always-on, always-ready operations?

Business-critical virtualisation is a prerequisite for a dynamic and cloud-ready infrastructure. However, while most organisations have implemented some form of virtualisation to drive down costs and improve efficiency, many hesitate when it comes to running business-critical applications in a virtualised environment.

To accelerate this process and ensure successful migration to the cloud, key criteria need to be met across both physical and virtual environments. Meeting these criteria can lead to reduction of overall IT costs, ease of management across the entire infrastructure, minimum waste of resources and protection of important applications. These criteria are:

  • High Availability: Deliver visibility and automatic failover to virtual machines and the applications running within it to maximise uptime
  • Data Protection: Recover business-critical applications quickly and effectively in the event of downtime
  • Security: Deploy security solutions that can address new and evolving security challenges in virtualisation

The ChallengeEnsuring application availability is a key challenge in managing a virtualised environment; increasing virtualisation has made it harder to maintain visibility into processes running within the virtual machine. As such, IT administrators require tools that can reduce the risk of losing control of virtualised applications. These tools should provide fast recovery, minimise downtime, achieve visibility at an application level and automatically remediate any application failure without compromising on any virtualisation feature.

The SolutionSymantec solutions ensure high availability for business-critical applications such as SAP, Oracle, Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server among others. By leveraging Veritas Cluster Server by Symantec, administrators can automatically detect and remediate application failures significantly faster than with native clustering tools because virtual machine reboots are not necessary. Veritas Cluster Server protects applications across physical and virtual platforms without compromising any of the benefits of virtualisation.

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The ChallengeTraditional backup methods may not have the capabilities to support business-critical applications in a virtual environment. Because of the need to back up associated virtual machine image files, backup windows may become unbearably long and impact the performance of business-critical applications.

The SolutionSymantec’s solutions offer better approaches for organisations to protect their information. While delivering fast and efficient backup, easing management and simplifying disaster recovery, these solutions also help organisations to achieve significant cost savings. Delivering greater flexibility, these solutions are available as software or our latest all-in-one backup appliance for simpler and cost-effective implementation1. Symantec’s data protection solutions deliver unmatched benefits, such as up to 98 percent deduplication rates, up to 95 percent reduction in backup storage, 10 times faster virtual machine backups2, and the ability to recover files, VMs, applications, or even objects within an application from a single backup pass.

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1Appliances availability in regions may vary, please contact Symantec local offices for more details.
2Symantec Corp., Symantec Netbackup™, Cisco® UCS, and VMware® vSphere™ Joint Backup Performance Benchmark, October 2010

The ChallengeThe journey to virtualisation introduces new security risks and complicates compliance management processes. As a result, they cannot be met by traditional security solutions that were originally designed for physical environments, or point solutions that only address virtual environments. Hence, businesses require end-to-end protection that covers this dynamic new infrastructure — spanning hypervisors, management consoles, physical hosts, as well as endpoints — to ensure business-critical applications are not impacted. They also need to ensure that both physical and virtual systems are adequately hardened against security threats.

The Solution Symantec’s solutions offer comprehensive protection without impacting performance across the entire VMware environments. They can provide fast and powerful security against various forms of attacks for both physical and virtual systems. Built to mitigate risks in virtual environments, the scan overhead from each virtual machine is reduced by up to 70 percent with Symantec Endpoint Protection3, protecting both the virtual infrastructure and business-critical applications while providing enhanced business agility for the cloud.

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*Refers to customers with the existing Symantec solutions that can help them accelerate business-critical virtualisation

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