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Symantec Endpoint Protection 12

  • 1st position in overall security performance2
  • Up to 35 percent less memory usage during an antivirus scan as compared to other products2
  • 2.6 times faster scans in virtual environments as compared to Trend Micro™ 3

The threats plaguing today's organisations have become more sophisticated and widespread. Using traditional signature-based security is not enough; they are often too slow to stop these threats. Organisations need a reputation and behavioural-based solution to tackle this tide of malware.

Symantec Insight™ and SONAR offer an intelligent security approach that can detect malware as soon as it appears. Powering Symantec™ Endpoint Protection 12, they create the fastest and the most effective endpoint protection security solution1 built for both physical and virtual environments to stop malware from compromising your network.

Learn more about Insight and SONAR by downloading the Symantec™ Endpoint Protection 12 trialware and resource kit.

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Today's Threat Landscape

As traditional security perimeters break down with changes in information technology (IT) infrastructure, such as the greater use of mobile devices, cloud computing, and virtualisation platforms, organisations have become more susceptible to attacks. Cyber criminals are making use of this vulnerability to generate and disseminate more malware. Traditional signature-based security solutions have become less effective in these environments.

This tide of deadly malware is made up of several elements:

  • Mutating malware: Obfuscating malware to evade signature-based security solutions
  • Prevalence of targeted attacks: Aimed at a particular user, organisation, or industry, they steal sensitive data through phishing messages and exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities, amongst other means
  • Legitimate website: End users are getting infected just by visiting legitimate websites that have been compromised by criminals
  • Use of social networks: Social networks provide information for attackers to gain the trust of users and tailor an attack
  • Zero-day attacks: Zero-day attacks stealthily penetrate organisations' security by exploiting vulnerabilities that are not known to anyone
  • Use of attack kits: Attack kits are programs that allow cyber criminals to launch threats easily

Better Protection With Intelligent Security Technologies

Signature-based antivirus software is only effective against 30 to 50 percent of current security threats4. However, attackers are counteracting this by modifying malware so that they cannot be matched to any signatures. As existing solutions cannot detect these modified malware signatures, organisations require advanced detection.

What organisations need is an intelligent security solution that can rate the context, age, and prevalence of files. The solution should also be able to proactively monitor the behaviours of applications and:

  • Assign and download ratings for files globally: Automatically rate any software files based on contextual dimensions, such as file prevalence and age
  • Rate both good and bad files: Learn more about good, bad, and unknown files instead of focusing only on the bad ones
  • Have a global reach: Rate files according to intelligence collected from billions of files around the world
  • Identify new malware quickly: Detect malware rapidly, even if seen by only a few endpoints, and via any malicious behaviour
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Symantec Insight™ and SONAR

Symantec offers an approach that not only meets the requirements of a good intelligent security solution, but also does so quickly without impacting the system's performance.

Symantec Insight™ rates files according to their age, frequency, and location to expose malicious threats that could be missed. It leverages the Symantec™ Global Intelligence Network, which collects data from over 210 million machines worldwide. Insight can quickly detect malware as soon as it's created. SONAR proactively detects new threats based entirely on their behaviour, and is able to identify and stop zero-day attacks. Together, they provide the most effective protection1 against new attacks, reducing false positives and improving system performance.

Discover the capabilities of these Symantec technologies:

  • Up to 35 percent less memory usage during an antivirus scan as compared to other products2
  • 2.6 times faster scans in virtual environments as compared to Trend Micro™ 3
  • More than 3.1 billion executable files have been monitored, with 37 million new files added every week

Fastest and Most Effective Security

Powered by Symantec Insight™ and SONAR, Symantec™ Endpoint Protection 12 brings you unparalleled protection against malware for endpoints. Built for both physical and virtual environments, Symantec™ Endpoint Protection 12 offers effective protection from malware such as viruses, worms, Trojans, zero-day threats, and rootkit without affecting system performance. Identify threats even before they can infiltrate your system, and reduce scan overheads by up to 70 percent for the most effective security and fastest performance1.

Key benefits:

  • Swiftly detect new threats: Identify new threats, such as zero-day threats, with intelligence from over 210 million systems in over 200 countries
  • Improve system performance: Reduce up to 70 percent of scan overheads, as compared to traditional solutions
  • Centralise management of security: Manage your security seamlessly from a single agent that controls different technologies – such as antivirus, antispyware, desktop firewall, and intrusion prevention
  • Enhance protection of virtual environments: Defend your virtual environment by automatically identifying and managing virtual clients, simplifying the process of creating specific policies for virtual machines

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