IT Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Starter Kit

Learn how to reduce costs, downtime and data loss through integrated content-awareness and compliance automation

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Self-Learning Compliance

Identify and correct security and audit risks in real-time.

Multiple regulations and growing threats mean that organisations face greater challenges when it comes to protecting assets and information, and ensuring that policies are enforced. An intelligent, automated approach to IT Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (IT GRC) can translate IT risks into business relevant issues, and help drive greater awareness, accountability and action.

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Cost Comply Challenge

  • Why the cost of compliance efforts continues to climb
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Downtime Challenge

  • How poorly configured systems and vulnerabilities can result in business and IT disruption
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Data Loss and Theft Challenge

  • Why a lack of controls to monitor and protect data can result in a breach
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Symantec’s Proven Approach for IT GRC to address costs, downtime and data loss
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